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Your personality is like your fingerprint; distinctive and unique. Our furniture is designed like no other too; carefully crafted to reflect your custom creation. We’ve hand-picked the best performance fabrics and top grain leathers with you in mind. Whether your design style is modern farmhouse, timeless traditional, or mid-century modern, you make it you. Browse and tell your story. Make your mark on your workspace!

Designer Fabrics - Featuring Cat Judice

Are you ready to bring out your inner creative child? Label 180 has partnered with Cat Judice for a limited-edition collection that embraces individuality. This collection delights in unexpected pairings that are classic but whimsical with hidden gardens and colorful shapes. We encourage you to shop these textiles to infuse your home office with color and vivacity from top to bottom while excavating your inner style. 

Designer Fabrics - Featuring Liberty London

Fashionistas everywhere know it. Designers love it. We’ve partnered with Liberty London to create a limited-edition collection of cutting-edge designs inspired by distant lands. Together, we are determined not to follow existing fads, but to create our own trends and provide you unique options for customizing your designer home office. For a limited time, shop these unique hand-drawn designs that bring an additional personal touch to your custom desk and chair. 

Sunbrella Performance Solids

We've made sure our fabrics, like you, are certified workhorses—verified for cleanability and durability! Rest assured that these textiles will perform in any setting. Sunbrella is the brand that builds in stain-resistance, fade resistance, and all the hardcore stuff that you need when you use your piece daily. So, don't worry... these fabrics will work for you!


Like the look of leather? Every custom desk or desk chair we make is also available in the ultimate in top-quality, top-grain leather. Our magnificent hides are carefully selected from the top 10% worldwide. No fakes, no duds. Find the color you love with the performance you desire. Our Mont Blanc leather will patina over time, aging, and evolving through use. Our rich-looking Bison leather stands up to the test of time with a protected top layer, ensuring that the look does not change no matter how many hours you put in. Pick your look now!

Performance Solids

All of our fabrics are built to perform and, these three are no different. Beale is a multi-dimension texture, featuring a mix of different yarns to create a soft hand. Not only are these fabrics beautiful, but also stain-resistant and bleach cleanable. Exclusively available for three of our favorite task chairs: Clip, Letter, & Scribe. Choose a color that works in your space.