New Year, New Workspace

label 180 mod desk in perception spark with gunmetal black metal hairpin legs featuring a model in black shirt with her feet up in a room with a colorful rug various pillows on the floor in a large office space featuring a large window

A new year means new beginnings and an opportunity to revamp your space. Whether your career goals are big or small, freshen up your home office with a renovation that balances your aesthetic with productivity. Now is the perfect time to really think outside the box and reimagine what it looks like to work from home. To design a workspace that works for you, let your personality be inspiration with unique, customizable desks and unique office chairs that make a statement. Energize your home office for the new year with these inspiring design ideas.

Craftsman Orange Room

Add a pop of color

Redesigning a room doesn't have to be a laborious project that requires weekends spent painting walls and ripping out flooring. Chances are, your space already has a great foundation and is just in need of a touch up with an introduction of new colors and textures. A great way to give your neutral space some individuality is by adding a pop of color. Accent colors can easily be incorporated by strategically placing accessories like pillows, throw blankets, and décor throughout your space. Want to go bold? Spice up your space by choosing a contrasting leg color on our Mod Desk for a one-of-a-kind look. Contrasting colors bring depth to any room and create an eye-catching focal point that's conversation worthy.

The home office doesn't have to be boring or lack inspiration. Stale color palettes are out. Introducing bright colors and bold patterns into your office can be a great way to generate a lively space for fostering positivity, creativity, and productivity. Take ownership of your workspace and let your desk and chair's custom design be an additional opportunity to showcase your identity. Place your custom desk in front of an extravagant library of books and allow your office to be an extension of your home rather than just the room that's adjacent to the front foyer. As you welcome guests into your home, set a welcoming backdrop with a captivating home office that your guests will envy.

Mod Desk - Liberty London Ianthe Bloom Multi Lacquer

Switch up the layout

Add a fresh take to your workspace by reimagining its layout. Simply rearranging your furniture can make the room feel transformed entirely; reigniting that feeling of excitement you once had as soon as you walk into the room. Approach your office design with a new perspective by placing your desk in the center of the room like the piece of art it is and allow it to be the focal point. If you have a great view, take advantage of it by repositioning your desk in front of a window and let the sunlight shine in to start a productive day. Lastly, consider creating a built-in feeling by placing identical shelves on either side of your desk and use your free wall space to curate an "offline" area with a stylish sofa. However you decide to change up your space, your office is yours, so find a layout that speaks to you.  

Classic Desk - Sunbrella Savvy Onyx

Layer colors and textures

Stuffy suits have been replaced with fashionable, yet comfortable loungewear and tight dress shoes have been replaced with soft, cushy slippers. If your work wardrobe has changed, then maybe it's time to shake up your workspace. Kick-off your stilettos and create an environment that captures your quirky personality. Bring the polished on top, party on the bottom attitude to your workspace and spice up your zoom calls with a fun and exciting backdrop. One way to achieve this is by using a color blocking technique. Create a bold design by pairing vibrant paints with complementary colored furniture like painting your walls orange to contrast your blue desk or placing a coral chair behind your teal desk. When designing your home office, don't be afraid to mix prints. Hang patterned wallpaper next to your boldly patterned desk or tuck a striped chair behind your geometrical printed desk for a fashion forward look that’s full of spunk. If these techniques are a bit too daring for you, consider sticking with a monochromatic color palette and play with different textures. Start with a desk upholstered in a solid performance fabric then artfully drape your coziest cashmere blanket over your leather desk chair to add depth and visual interest to your sophisticated design.

Craftsman Desk - Sunbrella Glimpse Denim

Create a coworking space

If WFH is the new normal for you and others in your home, designate a room for productivity and co-mingling. Design your dream workspace by incorporating a sitting area for recharging during a stressful workday. Set up your own cozy lounge by adding comfy recliners that are perfect for sipping coffee on a well-deserved break. Cleverly repurpose your bar cart with all the necessary products for a caffeine boost and refuel between meetings at your own coffee bar. When you’re ready to get back to work, the room should transition as smooth as your latte. With the right office furniture, you can curate a space that stimulates success and is designed for efficiency.

In this workspace, your furniture does all the talking. That’s why customization is key to achieving a functional space with visual appeal. First, choose a desk style that fits your personality to a tee. Then pick a size that allows for all your must-haves and tailor it to fit your space. The Mini size is great for the Marie Kondo’s of the world and students alike. Our Midi size has the perfect dimensions for fitting computer monitors, keyboards, notebooks, and all your gadgets. Anchor your space and have ample room to spread out across our Maxi size desk or add chairs on either side to utilize it as a collaborative table or executive suite. Pair identical sized desks in the middle of the room. If you need to fit multiple coworkers, play with different sizes by placing two midi desks side-by-side on one end of the room and a mini desk with a narrow maxi desk on the other end. Once you’ve defined your desk functionalities, you can arrange them in a way that works for you.

The final step to completing the ultimate workspace is to choose your color scheme. This is where you can truly make the space feel yours by adding your personality into the design. Whether your style is modern or traditional, we offer an assortment of unique fabrics and luxurious leathers to complement any desk style you choose. Create a cohesive design by selecting one fabric or leather in your favorite color. If everyone can't agree on the same fabric, let each person choose their own. To avoid clashing designs, choose a complementary color scheme like earth tone fabrics in beige, brown, and green or stick with a monochromatic color scheme with a dark blue, lighter blue, and printed blue fabric. The options are limitless, so have fun, and invite your new coworkers to participate in the creative process.

Feather Desk Chair - Sunbrella Simplicity Ash

Update your chair

If your desk can be functional and stylish then so can your desk chair! Leave ugly, uncomfortable desk chairs at the office and replace it with a cushy, stylish option in a color and design that complements your workspace. We believe office furniture should look as good 9-to-5 as it does after hours. Make working from home feel like an oasis, offering physical support through even the longest workdays. Like your desk, choose from a myriad of fabric and leather options to drape your custom desk chair in. If you like consist themes, match your desk and chair in Sunbrella’s Instinct Dune fabric like your favorite loungewear set. Hang your dress clothes in your closet and let your chair wear your blazer in a Harvard worthy plaid like Sunbrella’s Simplicity Ash and pair your chair with a desk in an equally sophisticated leather like Bison Ash. Accent the lively Liberty of London floral pattern in Fresco Lagoon on your desk with a chair in a striking Sunbrella Lagoon. Whether your aesthetic is cozy comfortable, simplistic studious, or bold botanic, curate a space to fits you. 

Mod Desk - Perception Spark

After a hectic holiday season, a new year is the fresh start everyone needs. Take time to set your goals for the future and dream big! Set yourself up for success by taking control of your surroundings and design a space that motivates you toward them every day.

What are your goals for 2021? Share them with us by commenting below! 





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