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Label 180 Custom Home Office Furniture

If you are part of the 5 million people who currently work from home, you likely have scanned every surface in your home as a possible hybrid workspace. People have been camping out at their dining tables, kitchen islands, or hunched over their coffee tables. Geez, we know a few people who use their walk-in-closet as a quiet zoom room. (Which, truthfully, is kind of hilarious to see them debating something semi-serious as the sleeve of their jacket sways into the screen).

Many of us thought that this was going to be a temporary “gotta-make-do” time. However, as we grasp onto this “new normal,” we have begun to rethink every square-foot of our homes as having to perform double duty or find a more permanent place to work from home. We've been searching for both a place to retreat, a potential pop-up workstation, or a study space.

Enter Label 180. The idea of creating customizable, fashionable desks was conceived in the beginning of the 2020-debacle as a way to reimagine your home workspace and inspire creativity.

Are you skeptical? Let’s face it; how could a desk stir up your creative mojo?

If we asked you to picture a desk, what would you envision? If you are like most people, you may conjure up the image of a boring brown, wooden rectangle topped with a work surface.

What if we told you there is a desk that comes in fabric? Not just any fabrics; ours are hip, zany, sophisticated, and durable fabrics. Oh, and did we mention that these fabrics are all Sunbrella® performance fabrics. Sunbrella happens to be the superhero of stain & fade resistance. And on top of that (no pun intended), a glass blotter is included to make it the ultimate writing, tapping, working space.

Still thinking…? What if you could also have a desk covered in an insanely beautiful leather color like candy apple red, marigold orange, ballet pink, or bottle green, or caramel?

Plus, you can dress up one of our custom desk styles with your choice of two leg styles and finish that transform its look. Pick from three lengths and four widths, making it super easy to tuck a stunning narrow desk in a small space or spread your projects out on a wider design. Boom.

As many of us commute from our bedroom to our newly conceived home office to start our day – why not consider a desk-destination that makes you smile.

Explore the possibilities for your home office and reimagine how you work. Shop for your custom desk and custom office chair today.

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