How to Shop for Customizable Home Office Furniture

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How to Find the Perfect Desk or Desk Chair

Designing a room can be a fun and creative project, but the challenge of finding home office furniture that executes your vision can quickly diminish that excitement. Many of us have spent hours online searching for the perfect pieces, only to come up short with selections that lack style and personality. Our solution for acquiring the ideal match is giving you control to design it your way. Put your personal touch on your design by customizing the size, style, and color. Customizing your home office furniture doesn't require interior design or carpentry experience. Label 180 will guide you through the process! We provide high quality, curated options to create custom furniture that's right for your space. With a few clicks of a button, you can have your custom furniture conveniently delivered to your home. Before you start, here are some design tips to consider.

1. Specify Your Space

Are you looking for a stylish way to bring the classroom into the living room, sprucing up your current home office, or seeking cohesion for your multipurpose room? Define the purpose of your space and have a clear understanding of what functionalities are a necessity. If you’re designing for your home office, make productivity the rooms main focus and select a desk size that’s large enough to take on a day’s work. If you’re adding an afterschool homework station to a room, designate a specific area and focus on selecting style options that complement the rest of the space. Consider who will be sitting behind the desk and where they will be sitting to ensure you’re constructing furniture that’s functional and fashionable.

2. Design a Story

We all have those spaces in our homes we go to for specific items and leave as quickly as possible. You may have never given the room the attention it deserves because its purpose is undefined, and as a result, its stark lack of design creates an unwelcoming presence. Big or small, fill each space with character, heart, and passion, telling a story that reflects you.

The flow in a multipurpose space can quickly become disconnected when conflicting styles are paired. Too much stimuli can overpower the design potential of even the most spacious rooms. Simplify the design process by sticking to one style. Select furniture and accessories in a consistent style and discretely conceal clashing items in stylized baskets to achieve cohesion throughout your space - no matter how many functionalities it holds. With so many different design styles to choose from, how do you find the style that fits you? Start by considering how you’d like to feel when you walk into the room. Whether you're seeking relaxation, concentration, creation, or collaboration, find comfort in a space you look forward to spending time in. From bohemian botanical to mid-century modernist, your style can be as unique as you.

3. Visualize Your Design

When design a custom piece, it can be challenging to visualize how your furniture will come together with other elements in the room. Request a fabric swatch to create a vision board with swatches of different fabrics, paint chips, metals, and woods used within the space. Arranging materials together can help you develop a color story, identify missing details, and achieve cohesion so you can create furniture that's tailored to your space and your signature style.

4. Shape Silhouettes to Match Your Style 

The silhouette of your furniture can make all the difference in bringing your design vision to fruition. Whether you're designing a modern casual space to be utilized by the whole family or a glamourous home office just for you, frame your story with furniture. When building your custom desk, consider how the tabletop and legs can best capture your style. The simple tabletop on the Classic and Craftsman desks bring a classic design to fit a traditional style. If you're inspired by retro elegance, the structured box top design on the Mod desk will add the vintage flair you're looking for. The saddle-shaped tabletop on the Bungalow desk fits a contemporary country design influenced by equestrian style. Curate a fashion forward workspace with the unique curved tabletop shape on the Glam to fit your modern glam space.    

Next, let your legs do the talking. While the Classic and Craftsman desks both have simple tabletops, the addition of two waterfall legs on the Craftsman creates a clean and modern style. The Classic's four-block legs maintain the established and traditional look. The Mod, Bungalow, and Glam, however, offer customizable leg options.  Complement the Mod desk's retro box top style by pairing it with unique hairpin inspired legs, pair it with tapered metal legs for a vintage glamour flair, or select tapered wooden legs to create a mid-century modern vibe.  The Bungalow Desk brings character into any space with its distinct saddle-shaped profile and pairs well with a wood or colored leg option.  Or try our tapered legs on the Glam Desk for a graceful and feminine style. Spice up your desk with a variety of leg colors from white, blue, pink, or orange or achieve a more rustic style with the natural elements of a wood finish.

5. Find Furniture that Functions

Any flex room can have multiple functions without feeling cramped or chaotic by incorporating a few smart design choices. Let your furniture play multiple roles with designs that effectively fill the space. Transition your desk from vanity to workspace effortlessly with the addition of a sleek drawer to keep items organized. Stretch your desk to a width and depth size that fits all your screens and office accessories comfortably. Swap out a bulky recliner and chunky desk chair with an ultra-comfortable chair you can pull up to your desk or push next to the window to create a cozy reading nook. Cater to your functionality needs without sacrificing style and reimagine the potential of your space with a design that works for you.

Desk with Drawer 

6. Paint Your Canvas 

Now it's time to have some fun! Sort through our wardrobe of textiles to dress your custom design for the occasion. Create a feature wall with vibrant colors and patterns or seamlessly blend it into the room with muted hues in like textures. Choose from a selection of solid or patterned performance fabrics and top-grain leathers to create a one-of-a-kind design.

Think of the details of your furniture like jewelry, the final step to customizing your ensemble. Lustrous metallic finishes achieve a sophisticated shine while stained wood finishes in shades like honey or maple provide warmth.

7. Tie It All Together

You’ve specified the purpose of your space, defined your style, made your design board, and constructed your custom furniture - now all that’s left is to do is order it! Containing your excitement for your order arrival is the hardest part of the process! Once your custom Label 180 design arrives, accessorize it with personalized décor to complete the space. It’s the final step that brings everything together like your favorite tie or scarf.  


Your unique qualities inspired us to create unique home office furniture, now let us inspire you with putting the finishing touches together. Follow us for more home inspiration designed for spaces small to large and classic to eclectic.


  • Jeff Carbine

    I like when you said that designing a room can be a fun and creative project, but the challenge of finding home office furniture that executes your vision can quickly diminish that excitement. My brother wants to buy office furniture for his new office. I’ll share these ideas with him so he can decide how and when to order.

  • Dean Phillips

    After months of contemplation, I finally decided last Sunday night that I will be looking to get a custom workspace desk I have always wanted. I needed to do some research beforehand and luckily for me, I came across your well-written post here. I am very impressed with where you explained to define the purpose of your space and have a clear understanding of what functionalities are a necessity. A great point indeed, where I’m sure those like me will be happy to have learnt of. Thanks a bunch!

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