Designer Spotlight : Cat Judice

location image showing the bungalow desk upholstered in cat judice bejeweled ink.
Introducing Cat Judice x Label 180
Cat Judice, an innovator and creative dynamite in the textile and interior design industry, has established a brand built on whimsy and color.
Designer Spotlight: Cat Judice
Cat never would have guessed that her doodles would ever become sought after textiles. In fact, she was studying to becoming a Costume Designer when she had a disruptive epiphany. She realized that she was more interested in the fabric than fashion!  With a little laugh, she said, “it was the great creative tragedy that I didn’t know that textile design was a career option, when I started college.” With her newly discovered path, she gathered up her sketch pads and focused her passion for fabric design at two top institutions, FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology and RISD (Rhode Island School of Design). Fast forward to today and while Cat has designed many eclectic and wonderfully whimsical fabrics, she describes herself as “just getting started”.
Currently, she lives in South Carolina with her husband and 3 young boys, surrounded by bits of remnant fabrics, vintage tea towels and stacks of fabulously illustrated European children’s books to help summon her textile inner spirit. Cat creates smile-inducing prints for your home office. We invite you to begin your inspirational journey by ordering some free samples, so you can more easily envision how her fabrics can be used to create a custom made, totally unique, whimsical work space, just for you.
The Textile Design Collection 
Your home office is a space where business gets done, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a place where creativity blooms. Cat Judices’ textiles evoke a nostalgic vibe, while summoning an enchanting vision into the future. The collaboration between Cat Judice and Label 180 involves a mutual admiration for creativity and invoking design into a form of office ready inspiration. Patterns that reimagine what a home office can look like were chosen based on their effortlessness for being fashion forward while still maintaining chicness and charm. The dramatic pairing of the fabric designs with the innovative features of Label 180 desks creates a work from home experience we can’t wait for you to try.
Artistically Feminine Textiles/Patterns:
Jolene Raspberry & Jolene Blue
What could be more magical than this fairytale inspired print? The whimsical bird print is playful + chic. Maybe there is such a thing as “happily ever after”.
Stone Fest Ivory & Stone Fest Silver Sage
Created to summon your artist spirit. This printed marbled pattern is fluid and fun. The more you look at shapes, you may begin to envision a rare geode or a landscape seen from a plane window. Get inspired. 
Estrella Ocean & Estrella Deep Violet
Love runs deep for this celestial creation. This star-studded design is guaranteed to light up your space. This fun and fierce printed pattern will celebrate the explorer within you.
Bejeweled Ink & Bejeweled Yellow
Artful Angles make this signature print “crush worthy”. The diamond pattern is designed for those who live life fully and sometimes on the delightful edge.
Sweeney Ash, Sweeney Corn Flower & Sweeney Bella Pink 
It began with ink doodle an took bloom when the brushed dipped into all the fabulous colors. Summon the powers of fresh flowers with the wondrous print.
Cat Judice in your Home
One of the reasons we LOVE offering Cat’s fabrics is that she completely delights in unexpected pairings. The exclusive Label 180 collection of Cat Judice fabrics was born from the idea of bringing two best in class brands together. The Label 180 brand is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship and has a history of design deeply rooted in American heritage.  Proudly made in the USA, this collaboration celebrates the history and strength of both American-made brands.
Style Sense Through Fabric
Using the musings of Cat Judice fabrics Label 180 set up three possible design options for home office inspiration!
The elegantly structured Bungalow Office Desk is shown in the dynamic Bejeweled Ink for a quirky take on a simple home office set up. Choose between 5 custom leg options to accentuate the creativity this fabric evokes. 
This sophisticated feminine home office is chic and sharp. Cat Judice fabrics can sometimes be edgy but are always displayed elegantly. Whether the color palette is cool and neutral or exploding with color, the level of sophistication remains high especially when the delicately designed Craftsman Office Desk is dressed in Jolene Blue from top to bottom.
This pattern comes in neutral hues bold enough to shake things up with deep contrasts between colors. This opulent set up sets the mood with Stone Fest Ivory complimenting the richness of the decor. Cat Judice entices with colors and patterns that go with any vibe and showcase any style.
Creative Designers and Dreamers Welcome
Designer collections present an opportunity to make your one-of-a-kind desk that much more unique. With a fully customized desk in Cat Judice textiles you’ll always have a piece that unexpectedly pulls all the creativity of your home office together. Cat Judice fabrics are here to shake up your office style with designs inspired from nature and beyond, shop Cat Judice x Label 180 before it’s gone

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